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    55POS9002 - Auto shutoff and other issues


    I have a few issues with my 55POS9002 TV.

    1) The TV shuts off randomly (I have tried to select autoshutdown after 4 hours and 0). The tv is connected to a HDMI switch and I do not use Easylink. Sometimes it shuts off after 10minutes and sometimes after 3 hours, I have not seen any pattern in use of source or anything like that.
    2) When I use an HDR source (for example Apple TV 4k), the HDR-symbol in the bottom right corner often does not go away. I have to shut off the TV and on again for it to disappear.
    3) It is not possible to select the HDMI sources directly with my Harmony Hub/Remote, that is why I am forced to use an HDMI switch. It should be simple to provide the codes for the HDMI sources, but I have not been able to find them anywhere.

    I think software issues like this is unacceptable for such an expensive tv. My 4 year old Samsung TV never had such issues, and if there are no updates to this TV soon, I will return this Philips TV and buy a Samsung in stead.

    Hope these issues will be solved quickly so I don't have to return this TV.
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    Welcome to the club of disappointed 55POS9002 users.

    I don't have issue n.1.

    2) It happens to me, too. Instead of shutting down the TV, entering TV settings is enough for the symbol to disappear.

    3) Here's a thread about it:
    Unfortunately, there's nothing to do. I contacted Logitech and they've been very supportive (unlike Philips). The issue is with Philips not providing the correct IR codes. I'm not sure if they're unwilling to give them out or if the TV actually does not support that kind of input at all. The only way is to ask Philips again and again about this, as I did many times.

    Here's another thread about bugs with this TV:

    Hopefully if more and more of us complain, they'll actually do something instead of receiving bad publicity and having all their TVs returned.

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