Just got the player and great, new firmware only released the other day. Filename is "bdp3406_f7_fus_eng.zip" and it's located here.

Network updating causes the download progress bar to simply hang. Had to cancel and the machine restarts.

USB is even worse. First the confusing site instructions tell you to simply extract the folder to the root of a USB drive. Of course if you do that, it finds nothing because many unzip programs name the folder as the original filename. The player doesn't recognize that.

So research indicated I should simply extract the "UPG" folder to the root of the USB. Did that, and it hangs at "Now searching for upgrade software," requiring a forcible power cord pull.

Then the included manual says it needs to be named "UPG_ALL". Tried that, and same thing.

Getting frustrated here. Two curious things I notice is that there are TWO files in the folder (might that be confusing it?) and for some reason after I remove the USB and look at it again there's a new, blank folder created called "BUDA."

You can't seriously tell me that this thing needs several hours to do this update. It's just not working. What needs to happen to make this update work?