I have as a stupid, foolish customer, waited for several weeks and months for a new firmware that will correct the problems, and yet these remain.

After paying 26000 Norwegian kroner = (4200 USD, 2800 GBP or 3430 Euro), which this tv costs here, I as a salesman,
a calibrator for a large Hi-Fi retailer, an image specialist, and a service-manager, stand on bare ground as a customer and feel the frustration of you all, seeing that my own TV from Philips, the Flagship, suffers from defect backlight scanning, FLASHES at least once per minute, seemingly has a darker right side of the panel than the left, stutters on fast movement, suffers from obvious crosstalk in 3d, and the two player gaming-solution bleeds images both ways, making you motion sick because you see the other player's movement as your own background. I am deeply disappointed.

I spoke to the retailer here, and he said: "Have you tried to turn off the backlight and the contrast enhancer?"

I am not 2 years old. Besides, One Simple Question: What is expected of you to turn off in the tv that you have paid 3430 Euros for? If that is the case, we have a lawsuit for false advertising coming up here.

Thank you, folks.