Philips 76x6 with .97 Firmware
CI+ Modul with Kabel Deutschland Smart Card
Using DVB-C Tuner into the TV

If i use the Optical Audio Out with Tosslinkcable to my Soundbar i have extreme Soundbreaks only by the Private HD Channels.
The Soundformat is Dolby Digital.

If i watch the same Channels and using the TV Speakers i have no Sound Breaks , all is very good.

At first i think by Soundbar or Tosslinkcable is break but no , if i show Digital Channels like RTL with Dolby Digital Audio Format i have no Soundbreaks on the Digital Out to my Soundbar.

It must be a Problem with the HD Channels by Using the Digital Out ???

But i dont know with Decoder / Firmware ???? is on the TV makes this mistakes.

Please Fix this Problems!

any ideas?