Hey guys! I have a big problem and I really need your help.

I bought a new USB (3.0) harddrive (3,5" - 3TB - NTFS). It's a "Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk (STAC3000201)".

If I connect this harddrive with my BDP7600 BluRay Player, the harddrive spins up and there is just this white USB sign which shows that an USB drive is connected. But when I press the "OK" button to open the USB storage device - nothing happens.

If I connect it to my 46PFL9706 TV there comes an information on the TV screen (...USB device connected...) and nothing continues. If I try to start the USB device in the "Home" menue it shows just an "empty" harddrive.

The really weird thing is, that I used a similarly harddrive before whitout any problems. It was a "Samsung Story Station (HX-DT020EB)" (3,5" - 2TB - USB3.0 - NTFS). It was very easy to connect to the TV as well as to the BluRay Player.

What can be the reason for my problem? The only difference to my previous drive is just that the new HDD is from Seagate and has 1TB more disc space!?