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    Default input at power-on is "analogue TV" how to change it? [26PF5521D]

    Our TV is a 26PF5521D software ldtvZapper_HW260.256_SW2.0.38
    It usually comes back on in the same mode that it was switched off in.
    But we mostly use it in EXT1 (SCART from a Humax box). If the Humax is off when the TV is next switched back on, the TV can't find a signal on EXT1 so selects analogue TV instead. Since the switch-off that's a blue screen. Digital would be a much preferable default.
    The manual clearly states on page 7:
    When the television is powered on for the first time, it will always be in DIGITAL mode.
    Perhaps a random button-press sequence at some time has changed this - is there a way to change the default selection back to DIGITAL TV?
    Or even, perhaps a software update giving the option to disable the analogue tuner altogether?
    Thanks, Ed.
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