I used to have a Philips GoGear Spark. I rip my audiobooks from CD, and with the Spark, it was just important that the file names were correct and in order. No tags were needed. I loaded the books in the Music folder, and then I choose Folder view on the mp3 player and all the files came in the right order.

Unfortunately my Spark is now broken. I bough a RaGa instead. It has a Music folder and you can choose Folder view on the player, but all files come in random order.

I installed the program Tag & Rename, and manually changed all the tags to a number, so the player could give them to me in the right order. It still didn't help. Totally random.

How am I supposed to listen to audibooks? Why has Philips changed the very working concept from Spark to RaGa? Do I have to make a playlist for every book? I want my old Spark back, where I could just open the books and play without hazzle...

Please anybody. Help!