I have a problem with the ethernet connection of MCi298 (firmware 1.20.1149) when I try to acces it from a PC with wifi, the PC don't see it (with windows seven, MediaPlayer, no response to ping test) as soon as I plug ethernet wire to the PC, the MCi298 is visible, I tested with several PC, same result.
When I use wifi connection of MCi298 no problem, but in my case I can't use wifi connection of the MCi298, it would be too simple ...

Did you have this problem ? My network use an ethernet/wifi modem router from french internet provider (Freebox, if there is french user on the forum) I don't think the problem come from my router, because I have no problem between PC with wifi and PC with ethernet, I have a problem only with the MCi298 with ethernet wire.

Thank in advance for suggestion.