Today, I was trying to sync my SA3CNT16K/12 with philips songbird: always a pain, takes ages to 'mount the device'. So I decided to check for updates for Philips Songbird. There was an undate available, supposed to make songbird more stable and faster - souds great! But no. The thing crashed. Now, Songbird isn't working. So I tried to uninstall, and reinstall the newest version from Philips website. Every time, when the installation package runs it stops and tells me "an error has occured during installation, please run the install again". It happens when the Songbird 1.9.6___etc.exe is started from my user/appdata/local/temp/philips songbird folder.

I tried all available installation exe;s on the Philips site: same thing.

So then I installed the whole thing manually, adding all the add-ons from this temp folder to my Songbird. Now, Songbird doésn't recognize my device. HOW DO I GET SONGBIRD TO RECOGNIZE MY DEVICE?

Finally, I tried installing the latest Songbird from Songbird website: 1.10. Nice software, but: HOW DO I GET THIS NEW SONGBIRD TO SYNC? It doesn't 'see' my philips device.

PLEASE HELP! Now, I can't sync my device. Will you please fix your buggy software?

This isn't the first bug. A fex months ago, a firmware 'upgrade' made my device itself crash. Had to completely reset it, with all content gone. Bugs, bugs, bugs: and it was quite an expensive thing too, this 'mini tablet PC' as Philips calls it.

In the mean time: I will certainly not recommend anyone to buy this 'top of the line' device from philips. Go for Samsung if you want Android. Or pay more, and buy Apple.