I have a 50PFT4509 TV bought just week ago and I am already fed up up with it. It doesnt have a built-in WiFi so i bought a philips WIFI dongle. It connects to the internet and in the network information i can see that its working properly(network starts with 192.1..., signal strength, etc everything is fine). but if i go to the smart tv page by clicking on the dedicated button it says its a "demo page" and i need to connect to the internet to see the actual page. It does work some time but after switching on/off or plugging out/in the wifi dongle or setting up the internet plenty of times(may be after 6-7 tries or never).
Since i just bought the tv a week ago i think it has the latest software. I am able to check for software updates(the software is uptodate) but not the smart tv page.
Please help me out guys,