Equipment: TV 32pfl7606k/02 - Firmware: Q5551_0.14.96.0 (by the way I tried to update to the newest version via Internet connection. I got this message: the firmware is up-to-date although there is a newer one on your website!)


I wanted to install the new free digital HD programs which are transmitted via Astra 19,2° East. At first I tried the automatic station search of the TV. None of the new HD programs were found this way. Then I chose the reinstallation. Some of the new HD programs were found now, but not all.
3 SAT HD and ZDF info HD are missing. The technical details of these programs are: Frequency 11347 MHz, Symbol Rate 22000, Pol. V.
I know there is a manual search option of the TV (for digital SAT programs). The German label of this option is "Digital: Kontrolle des Empfangs" (English: Digital: Control of the reception"). If I choose this option of the menu I could enter a special symbol rate at first (or the alternative: automatic). But there are only 4 input fields for this symbol rate and not 5 (22000). Then I could enter the frequency in MHz, but the input fields are in the following way: xxx.xx MHz. It seems to be impossible to enter the frequency 11347 MHz in the right way. Nevertheless I tried 113.47 and 347.00, but the HD programs were not found. Or is it necessary to convert 11347 MHz into another frequency of the TV receiver at first and to enter the converted frequency? I know that in the past one had to do so regarding some receivers.
So tell me how is it possible to use the manual search option for digital SAT programs. I don't want to reinstall all the programs and the settings in the future when ASTRA is changing some frequencies.
Thank you for the support!