I received an appreciated reply from a Philips Forum moderator to my questions about the Philips PI3800 Tablet. This product has been launced in China but is a cat-in-the-bag for the English speaking customer who buys it without realizing how limited its use will be to him, proving to be a China-dedicated device. However, the website http://www.support.philips.com/suppo...userCountry=cn recommeded by the moderator will indeed help such a customer to find a User Manual in English, Frequently Asked Questions answered, even a phone numbert to call.

What disappointed me, was that the topic was closed prematurely by the moderator. There was nowhere else I could have gone with my problem other than this Philips Forum. Other users and perhaps Philips itself were alerted to a problem which a multi-national company marketing in China should be aware of. And a solution (or the beginning of a solution) came out of the posting. Why put a lid on any opportunity to learn?