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    Interrelated settings for EXT1 & EXT2 correct ???

    Hi Thomas and others,

    I have attached to the TV (32PFL4606H/12, latest firmware #21):
    on EXT1: digital sat receiver by scart
    on EXT2: Wii console by composite cable
    on HDMI: DVD

    I have registered all devices correctly: in the PFL4606's HOME menu, all three have their own and appropriate symbols. Now the problem is, that the TV does not allow me to have different TV settings for EXT1 and EXT2. For example, when I set the GAME CONSOLE settings in the TV's menu to "Game", and then switch an hour later to the DIGITAL RECEIVER to watch TV, I find that this receiver's signal is also displayed in Game mode although I had it set to Cinema mode before. And the other way around: when I set my digital receiver to Cinema (or whatever), the TV's settings for the Wii will also change to Cinema. The hdmi DVD device however seems to stay independent and unchanged: the TV retains its settings and does not switch to Game or so. I think this behaviour is not normal, and guess it is a software issue: of course the TV should store and retain the different settings of the two EXT devices, independently of each other.

    Anybody an educated guess?
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