Version T921E 2.06
PQ Version: Flash PQ V0.19 2012/04/10
AQ-Version: Flash AQ V0.02 111227

I have connected my TV wired to network and this is working correctly. iPhone is in same network in same subnet (DHCP). I can see DNLA enabled device (e.g. ReadyNAS).

When I install on my iPhone the 'Philips MyRemote' App and turn on 'SimpleShare Server' I can see my iPhone as well on the TV and use it (Video/Audio/Photo).

However I cannot achieve to use this App to use my iPhone as a Remote Control for my TV. The lower part (Control Window) doesn't show any device. When I press refresh it starts searching for devices but it doesn't find anyone. I expected my PFL3517H TV to appear here, but it doesn't. So basically the TV can find the iPhone, but the iPhone cannot find the TV.

Should it be possible to use 'Philips MyRemote' as remote control for my 32PFL3517H/12 TV?
Is it not working due to bug in firwmare of TV (I have updated to latest version)?

I also tried to re-install 'Philips MyRemote' several times but this doesn't solve the problem.