I have a 32pfl5007k_12. I am running a PC with fresh Windows 7, windows firewall and a TP-Link wireless router. The internet on the TV works normally. I can also browse files on my PC from the TV.
I can ping my TV from the PC, I can even control my TV via the android app Philips MyRemote (over the same router, which I use for internet connection).

WIFI Media connect does see, that there is a TV in the network (the icon in the taskbar turns from grey to black when I switch the TV on). I can start the program on the PC; it changes the resolution on my PC and then starts with trying to connect to the TV.
But - on the TV, nothing happens! On the PC I see the pop-up of WiFi Media Connect, after a few seconds the message "Still trying for TV to reply" appears, after another few seconds I get the message "Could not get respond from TV. Refer to online Wi-Fi MediaConnect FAQ.

I checked the FAQ , I did not find a solution. Does anybody have any idea what I could do???

Thanks in advance for all help!!