I have a hard drive connected to my network router (NAS) on which I have stored music, photo’s and films. I’d like to be able to use SimpleShare so that I can select music from this NAS using my phone and play it on the HTS without having to switch on the TV.

If I use the MyRemote app on my Android phone and select the SimpleShare function, I can select music from this network drive and stream it to my Philips TV (50PFL7956H) but not to the HTS: only the TV appears as available playback device. For the rest, the HTS does appear in the MyRemote app and I can use the phone as remote control for the HTS and explore attached USB devices. Just the simple share does not work.

I have already updated the HTS7202/12 with the latest software (version 1.27 MCU 27). The set connects to the network without any issues and I can use NetTv and also the build-in DLNA functions (even exploring the mentioned NAS) from the menu which appears on the TV.