In Germany public TV channels do not come with 1,2 and 3 as in other countries.
They are called here ARD and ZDF.
No big deal you may think, but on my Philips it is.
With the coming football championship ( as with other major sports event) those will be the main channels to watch.

Now to get from ARD to ZDF I must jump to all my (favorite) channels to get from A to Z.
And the same way back.

So it will be very nice if we could "roll-over" from Z to A and "roll-back" from A to Z with one click.

I know I can use some tricks like re-ordering or use the "previous channel" key, but the real comfort would be in having the "roll-over" function.

By the way: same issue with teletext sub pages: to get from the last sub-pages to the first, one must key back all the way to the beginning.

S/W is 14.97
* Note:Fair enough ARD is called nowadays "Das Erste" but issue remains the same.

Kind regards,