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    Sticky: Support Forum function


    One piece of advice. Philips set up this forum so that users can help each other i.e. if one user is looking for specific settings that another user already uses. This way users can help each other and Philips gets less support.

    The forum is moderated by people from Philips that can pass the feedback you, users, give here (like firmware related feedback) to the development teams. Please realise that this only happens if there are a lot of complaints about a certain feature / functionality. See the moderation level as a "filter" of what goes to the development teams and what doesn't.

    If you have problems with your TV like local dimming, PNM always on, Net TV connectivity, IP-EPG not working correctly, reboots because of network connected NAS (QNAP), please contact Philips Support directly by sending an email using the links below.

    If you do so, you will get beyond the support forum "filter" and get directly to Philips support. Your email will be given a unique support number that Philips has to address one way or the other. The current way for Philips to prioritize issues that will be addressed in the feature is by the amount of official support cases they receive on a certain issue.

    So please take your time and file an official support request by using the link above and don't just let it be a disscusion on a forum. Get your issue addressed by Philips or at least let Philips agnowledge it. Remember, the more official support requests about a certain issue, the higher the chance Philips will address the issue quicker.





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