Update in bold:

#1 Ambilight continues to work after switching to stand-by. Ranging from 10 seconds to hours/continuously. (Since FW14.97)
#2 After pressing FREV, timeshift player crashes
#3 Message "Scrambled Program" stays on the screen after switching channels.
#4 Soft Clicks in the Audio Signal. (Since FW14.95)
#5 Pressing 123654 to acces CSM gives message "Channel not installed"
#6 When watching a teletext page suddenly the message "No text available" is shown for a while.
#7 Recording function is blocked, message "Connect storage", but storage is connected and timeshift works, so the HDD is OK. Remedy: Disconnect and reconnect the HDD.
#8 After switching to a scrambled channel from an analog channel no sound/picture but message "scrambled program".
#9 Opening the EPG gives message "the requested page is not available". "Reload page" doesn't solve it. Only after clearing the apps memory the EPG works again.
#10 No picture after switching channels
#11 Timeshift only starts to record after trying to acces it, so not possible to FREV to earlier parts that should be recorded.
#12 Can not scroll beyond a certain time in the EPG listings. Remedy: Clear apps memory.
#13 After switching TV on from stand-by, no reception of scrambled channels. Switching channels doesn't help. Remedy: Switch TV to stand-by and back on again.
#14 Ambilight switches on once scheduled recording starts while TV in stand-by.
#15 Recording is split in two parts after switching TV on and back to stand-by during the recording (done to switch off ambilight see #14). First part is labelled "unknown recording", second part has the correct labelling.