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Hava the same experience with 55PFL7606K/02.

EPG does not work at all on DVB-T (from the broadcaser), TV is not able even name new finded digital DVB-T channels for the info that goes with the chanel. When I setup Programme guide to "from the broadcaster" it doesn not work at all.
Thats embarrasing when my 5 years old Samsung can read all these info without any probelms - I'm disappointedwith Philips firmware.
Embarassing is the right word. unfortunately it seems that 2012 TV are ready to go so Philips will not "support" us any more.

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swithing TVguide to work forn the network helps, but there are not all polish channels and additionally you have to use internet.
It is slow, it is not an internet issue my itnernet works ok, it is slow the Philips sw, it is slow the app galley, it is slow the menu, it is just a crappy software.

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Hope you will fix this soon, thats essential feature that should work in such expensive TV.
That's way I will never buy a Philips tv again. And I'm not the only one.