please help I just bought the above, even though my BT homehub 3 has WPS it will not connect to the philips speaker. So then i try the set up by pressing the back wifi button for 5 seconds on the speaker, I then set it up with key from the hub and it connects, plays fine but when I press the standby button switch it back on or leave it on for long periods of time it loses the wifi connection to the network and I have to reset it and put everything in from scratch each time i switch the unit on, most annoying, including having to re enter the hub password.

I have tried advanced options and tried as my hub IP for mask
primary dns
secondary dns

these are from my hub settings, this pairs up the speaker but the sound stops after a few seconds and need to switch off and back on again it then pairs again but still no sound.

I have tried changing channels on the hub from auto channels 1 - 11, tried just a set channels still does the same.

my hub name is bthub-9s95 even though it says in the guide not to have characters such as - surely this wouldnt stop it from working as it pairs and works till switch off in my 1st paragraph, most annoying having to put in your password and reset everytime i want to use it

I also tried to find a firmware upgrade for this but cannot find it on the UK site.

PLEASE help it's doing my head in, any settings i could change or try is most appreciated