For the past 2 days I've been encountering a MAJOR fault. I've had this TV for 6months without any problem.
Now, since yesterday everytime I start it the screen just stays extremely dark. What is extremely dark you say? Well, when booting this TV I get the white PHILIPS logo and a black background, if I look close enough I can barely see the PHILIPS. It stays this way. This is when using the HMDI input (PS3) or just to watch TV, the sounds work tho. And I can see something moving, but it is absolutely not usable. Also, I am unable to see the Software Version, but it should have the newest now?? (Read further)

What I've tried:

Yesterday, after multiple reboots it suddenly worked again and did do a Software update (downloaded from the website, put on the USB and then into the TV, it updated)

Today? Not so much success, obviously, the update didn't help at all.

As I said, this had worked for 6 month and suddenly it stopped. Anyone?