I updated my iphone with the latest update (5.1.1). I bought a docking speaker, it worked for my husband who had not done the update, but it did not work for me. We bought this phillips speaker, the same model that the apple website sells, and again it says on my phone that apple does not support this product, but it works for my husband. For the first speaker I called that company, they were aware of the situation but told me just to take the product back. Once I got this phillips and it said the same, I contacted apple. Apparently this issue is so "new" they do not have their engineers working on it as of yet. if this is happening to you PLEASE CALL APPLE TO COMPLAIN. that is the only way their engineers will work on it. Apple asked me to report this to Phillips so the Phillips engineers and tech folks can work on it as well. It may be that phillips has just not updated their support applications to handle the 5.1.1. In the meantime, i can't use my speakers unless I hook up an auxilary cord. ANNOYING.