A half a year ago I bought a SPA5300 for my pc. Everything was fine until my sound was cracking and noisy. In the week when this occurd it working sometimes really good and sometimes there wasn't sound. Well I called customer support from the site I bought it from and they send me a new one. Again the first month it worked perfect and after that the same problem. I noticed that the light on the volume table was weak when there was no sound. And when it got better the light shined brighter. Also when I switch the power off the light gets brighter than when it got no sound before it shuts down. I think that sometimes the stereo gets little to no power.
My computer shows that the music is being played. Also note that other stereo devices work perfect on my computer so the problem lays in the stereo itself.
I hope someone can tell me whats wrong and how to fix it. I never had problems with hardware but two times with the same product really frustrates me.

Note that English is not my main language so sorry for the errors.