Got a new DS1200/12 from a store in France on 30/04/2012
A view days later when I got home, connected the dock and installed the app on my iPhone 4S (IOS 5 latest version)
Have a Ipad - same thing.
Tried the old app but it crashes on IOS 5 (on customers support advice)
The New app works, sound lit's up on dock. Can move the volume on the dock and the iPhone acts on it.
Only if i could get some sound out of it, it would be great no alarm - no radio - no music - no static. Just the sound of silence.
A few days later installed the upgrade to Fidelio 2.2.4 same thing.
Contacted Support over phone (pay line) after a week - no response. Phoned back - still looking in to it...
After 14 days a call back with the news that this is a general problem got to wait for a updated version of the Fidelio app...
Hav a clock radio on my desk for 99 euro.
The only thing it does is give the time....
After a month still no news.

Please advice,