I have a 42PFL4606H/12 with the newest FW installed.

My problem is that the sound/picture is out of sync .

I have a Samsung digital set topbox and a LG dvd player and also a Panasonic surround reciever for audio playback (TV / DVD sound)

Both units(samsung/LG) are connected to the TV with HDMI cables.

I have a COAX cable going from the TV COAX Output to a COAX input in my Panasonic reciever so all sound is send to the reciever.

But the sound and picture donīt sync.

The sound is ahead of the picture,so it looks like the TV canīt "keep up" with the sound.

Iīve tried the option in TV setup to enable/disable delay but itīs still the same...

Iīve also tried to connect my units directly to the Panasonic surround reciever, so thereīs no sound send from the TV to reciever..but itīs also the same..sound/picture donīt sync.

The previous TV I had was a old Sony Bravia 42" LCD(5 years+) and was using the EXACT same equipment and there was NO PROBLEMS WITH SOUND/PICTURE SYNC !!!

The problem has occured when I purchased the Philips TV.

Any clue what to do ?