I'm here to report my experience with 58PFL9955H/12 but mostly with Philips customer support team.

I've bought the 58PFL9955H/12 the 11st of November 2011.

The TV gave many problems:
- audio drops during tv programs
- video freezes during movies play (from USB / DVD player / Wifi media connect / PC)
- menu doesn't work properly (delays from a function to another, the screen stays black and I ve to turn off the tv...)
- video freezes during NET TV usage
- once the screen is frozen the tv goes to black with many scratches on the right side of the screen, then it goes to the TV programs with audio drops
- no way to watch a movie without all those problems.

I did the software update but the problems were still there.

I called the local assistance: they kept the tv for 15 days without any action.
I've asked for a new one.
I've received a new one.
Incredibly the new one has the same problems of the previous one but much more frequent.
I called the Philips customer support several times and each time I've got different comments.
None wants to help me.
From November 2011 to June 2012 none gave me a solution.
Today, after the 8th call, they told me I'll be contacted soon

1) the behaviour of Philips is really disappointing me and frankly I'll never buy anything else from them.
2) the local assistance is not prepared to solve problems.
3) I think I need to send them a letter from a lawyer to ask my money back.
4) I'll suggest all people I know to avoid philips

In the meantime I had to buy a Projector to watch movies. Unbelievable.

Really a bad experience.
Almost 3000€ for a not-working product without any kind of proper support.

Thanks Philips.