Hi everyone!

A few months ago, I bought the PHILIPS BDP5200. I haven't used it that much because I've just started to build my blu-ray movie collection, so I don't have too many movies to watch yet. It so happens that I recently bought the GAME OF THRONES blu-ray set and I realised that when I change the disc it gets stuck when loading! The screen turns plain black, although you can hear that it's actually loading. The remote doesn't seem to respond, and the only way I can get it to work is to turn it off directly in the player, wait a bit, turn it on again, eject the disc and put it back again. Then, it loads and works fine!
Truth is, it's a real bummer to think that I'll have to do this everytime I put a new disc. It shouldn't be doing this!
I've got my player connected to a SONY BRAVIA LED TV (40') via HDMI.