I bought a Philips Smart LED tv (42PFL7406H/12)

I have a problem with all my HDMI connections.

I have on:
HDMI 1: my digital reciever
HDMI 2: my Xbox 360
HDMI 3: my laptop

a couple of times a week, when i turn my tv on, i get the message that their is no signal coming from any of my HDMI connections. So i can't watch tv or play any gam.

I have to take out all of the HDMI cables and then turn off and on my tv. Then reconnect all my HDMI cables again. Only then i can get a connection.

I already tried to:
use 5 other HDMI cables
switch HDMI connections
Upgraded the latest software via my LAN connection asswel via a firmware update using a USB stick.
Assing all the different deveices to the HDMI connections.

NOthing works and its getting quit frustrating.

I called Philips customer care and they couldnt help. Also used the chat function mulitple times, they also couldnt help me.

So...any help here??