He people,

Probably an old problem but I would like some help solving it. 3 items: TV (9732), dvd/receiver (Harman kardon HS200) and Humax 5200c. All connected with HDMI. I used to have a samsung box H360R but replaced it with the humax. Problem is that if I want to view a dvd and switch on my set, humax on standby, I do not get any picture (green screen) just sound. If I activate my humax I suddenly have picture and sound. Switch-off humax (standby), picture gone => black screen and just sound. Tried different hdmi connections, different cables no solution. Looks like a sort of hdmi handskaking thing. If there's no "signal" on my humax (hdmi) connection, the other hdmi connection (DVD/stereo set) goes black. I already use the latest firmware on TV (2009) and hdmi control = no so.....any suggestions?