Hi, I've been running my WAC7500 for 2.5 years and I've been very happy with it. Unfortunatley, the bass has stopped working completely. The mid and high range sound comes out well, but without any of the low end, the sound is similar to what it would sound like if played through a telephone.

Nothing happened, physically, to the unit. One day it was working fine, and the next day the sound just stopped coming out with any Bass to it.

I've hard power cycled it, and restored factory default settings to no effect. There was no firmware update, or power surge/outage event and the unit is never physically moved around, it just sits on a table in my living room.

Is there any advice or suggestion on what I might do?

Thank you all. I really have enjoyed this unit quite a bit and it's no longer sold in the US market that I know of, so replacing it is going to be next to impossible and it doesn't look like they have anything in their current product lineup which is an exact replacement. Besides, it works perfectly in all other ways. It almost feels like the bass side of the speakers were just unplugged. I can't believe they were blown out as I never listen to it with any extreme volume.

Thank You,
Adam Mikolajczyk
Ithaca, NY, USA