I bought the 37PFL4606H/58 like 2 months ago and so far i love it, looks great satisfies my needs for HD movies and everything, but there is a bug in the picture that bothers me a lot every day. So, i will try to explain how the bug looks like.
When i play movies via USB, on some of them not on all, there is like interference or distortion in the picture not sure how to explain it exactly but its a bug in the picture.... small squares appear in the picture it looks like bad graphics and it lasts like few seconds only... (for example when i watch Game of Thrones i always get that bug during the beginning song part of the episodes). Has anyone had this problem ? Does anyone know whats causing it and how to fix it ?
Please help if anyone knows anything about this problem because it bothers me too much i cannot watch a good movie in peace im always looking for those squares to appear...