I have a TV PFL7803D/10 and just acquired a home theatre HTS3261 (HTS), both of them are fully patched with the latest available firmware.

I was hoping to benefit from the easylink between them but it is not working and I still need to use both remotes.

So what is the best way to connect them ?
On my TV: the HTS is connected on HDMI1. on HDMI2, there is the TV signal coming from my internet decoder machine.

1/ What is the best way to get the sound from external devices to my HTS ? Is it the optical link ? If so, what kind of cable do I have to use ? Because obviously the optical one I have does not fit it. The TV SPIFOUT is round, while the optical one on the HTS is square(ish).

2/ Once the conneciton is done, what is the best way to configure Easylink ?

In the end, will the sound volume be controlled from 1 single remote ? (TV sound & HTS speaker sounds) ? At the moment, I have "2 sounds" (TV alone and HTS speakers alone), each controller by one remote.

Any help appreciated. This should have been MUCH easier between 2 devices from Philips.

Kind regards,