Hi, i recently buy a Philips 42-4307H/12 3D TV. So far the picture is good but when it comes to audio i have problems. I connected my PS3 slim and my MAC via HDMI and when i'm watching movies (Blu Ray, mp4, divx..) play games or listening to music the sound is clicking randomly. At the first 2-5 minutes the audio clicks are not noticeable but after 10 min or more the sound is clicking more.. especially on loud scenes, gunfights etc. The clicks are like static electricity. Don't know but it is but it's like the tv is struggling to play HD audio.
I tried other hdmi ports/cables, reset my tv & Ps3 to default settings but i have the same problem. Even if a watch movies or listen to mp3's from a USB stick!! When watching tv from antena i cant hear those clicks loud.
There is no update for this tv on the internet. Please answer fast and help me to find a solution, i have 5 days left before i can bring the tv back to the store.

Waiting for a answer, Thank you in advance.