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    Unhappy BDP7600/12 or 05 no idea of s/ware v. model won't play the entirety of Man On Fire?

    So, we were happily watching Man on Fire. Then scene 12 came along and our BDP decided to make the noise of a dot-matrix printer. It just WOULDN'T CONTINUE PLAYING.

    Then, upon trying the old 'turning it off and on again' trick, it still didn't want to play with us.

    Our BDP still has the same firmware that it came with in the box when we got it last November, and I didn't know (although my boyfriend obviously sis, since he's a man and I'm just a giirrrlll) that you could upgrade a BDP's firmware since no such thing was ever possible on my old DVD players.

    Oh well, I digress.

    The film is from 2001, and it's not 3D or anything too fancy-pants, so I thought it was just the disc having a miniscule amount of dust on it or something.

    So is this problem resolvable with a firmware upgrade? Or should we just beat it with sticks and burn it with fire?


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    hi there, guess you better try with the latest firmware before asking for a new one.
    you can follow the instruction there to do the upgrade:

    also, please try to play the disc using ur PC see if it can be played or not. just to eliminate it s not becaus eof the disc.

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