I just got the new BDP7700.
The first hours with this device have been really shocking. It crashed so many times that I wonder, if this has really been evaluated before throwing it to the market. The firmware update online was not possible. Anyhow, after downloading the new firmware to USB and executing the update this way, it is now much better. Though still not very good.

Besides some trouble which occurs from time to time especially when using NetTV or when streaming from a NAS System (WD MyBook Live), there are still some issues, which I would really like to have fixed.
1. When switching on the player and touching the open button afterwards, it needs definitely too much time until the disk is ejected. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and I have to use the remote control.
2. When press (or touch) eject directly, it works well. It is not so easy to find the button as it is invisible while the player is switched off but that's acceptable. But the problem is, that I cannot close the drawer anymore with the button. I have to use the remote again.
3. I cannot use the USB keyboard to enter the WiFi key. As my WiFi key is quite long, it with the remote is not very comfortable. Even though I wouldn't have to do it very often I haven't had the nerves yet to do it.
4. I many cases I haven't been able to fast forward and sometimes even to pause the playback. This happens in NetTV (I think, ARD Mediathek but I'm not sure) and with many video formats on my NAS system. Some of them are not supported at all but I don't have details. Is it planned to improve the supported formats and the issues with the online streams in coming firmware updates?

I hope that a firmware update will fix most the the issues soon.

Best regards,