One of the reasons I bought the 37PFL7666T is that it was advertised (on as being able to record programs to external USB devices. However, I now understand that this works only with the IP-EPG, for reasons that are very unclear indeed, as every other PVR on the market is fine with the Freeview EPG. It would have been nice if this had been mentioned in the advertising.

Unfortunately, the TV does not appear to be able to connect to the IP-EPG: even though I have selected "Programme Guide from Network", I still get the normal DVD-T (Freeview) EPG, and I do not get a record button of any type. How do I get onto the IP-EPG? Some posts here in the forum have suggested that this function is simply not available in the UK -- I this true?

I have bought an external HDD specifically for this function. It has formatted fine, the TV is connected to the network and NetTV works fine (well, as fine as it ever does given its clumsy and slow interface), timeshift works (but is of no interest to me), but as there is no IP-EPG, there is no USB recording.

What to do?



PS: Fine TV -- pity about the user interface.