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Hi Davideo0

I'm sorry you find this missleading, but please also see the *, where you can see further down it's stated:
* USB recording is only possible for digital channels covered by the TV IP bases Electronic Programme Guide (country and channel restrictions may apply); recordings may be limited by broadcast copy protection (CI+). An Internet connection is required.

As you live in the UK, you are not using a CI+ module but a digital set-top box. This also mean that you are not able to do the recording , only pause live TV.

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You are telling me something I know NOW after having purchased the set and additions.
The point I am making is that it is not at all clear that it applies to UK.
Philips seem to be assuming that the customer is going to carry our searches to find whether it applies to his particular location.

Philips could have given a list of countries to which that paragraph does not apply in the advert.
In which case the customer could make an easy decision. In my case a negative one!

I had to come to this forum before it was made clear. That is FAR TOO LATE!
The public I maintain are misled by that advertisement in a big way.