i have a problem with youtube , in the menu appear the youtube icon and when try of get the youtube application to work, just appear the youtube logo and do not load the application, even do not appear the red line showing the load progress, i have reinstalled the network 4 times, have reinstalled the firmware, have tried to see if the lan or the router are with problems and nothing happen, all is alright, except my player that is not working properly, what can be happening?

have posted 3 times this problem in here and nobody even cares about the situation, do not even have seen any response of the moderator of the forum saying something about this, i do not really understand.

if still this of this way i will sell the player and give a veto to philips brand forever, by have a bad customer service.

my blu ray is the BDP3200/55
the lastest firmware and the problem still

i HOPE get any word by part of Philips Holland, now, if not will never anymore purchase anything with a brand philips

best regards