I have a NP3900, which is connected via cable and a CISCO router to the internet.
From time to time I would like to take it to another room in my house, which is also supplied with internet connection via cable.
To prevent any speculations, the router as well as the internet connections are working very well with any other kind of internet device.
However unplugging the NP3900 at one place and reconnecting it at another place makes always big troubles. The standard message I get when turning on internet radio is "no connection to online services", despite the NP is connected to the internet (checked in the service menu). The device is registered at Philips.
Getting back connection to the internet radio becomes gambling. So far I could not identify any reason why I got it back, sometimes after a few days only.
This issue is absolutely annoying. I thought that I would purchase a reliable device when choosing for Philips. I am close to dumping Philips from my suppliers list.

So can anyone give me some advice how to get the NP running?