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    Sync problem with sound/video-image on 42PFL7606H/12

    I've just purchased a 42PFL7606H/12 HDTV together with a HTS5561 blue-ray with 5.1 sound system. Brilliant image and sound. But...
    When playing a movie (AVI) from the network thru DLNA or from a USB drive attached to the TV then the sound and video-image are seriously out of sync (about 2 seconds). However, when I attach the same USB drive to the HTS5561 sound system and play the movie from there, or when I stream the movie to the HTS5561 over the network, or when I play a blue-ray in the HTS5561, then sound and video are perfectly in sync...
    Worse even, when looking carefully you sometimes can even see some slight out-of-sync symptoms when looking at live TV (a fraction of a second, but sometimes it's noticeable)... Needless to say, when I watch the same channel on another TV then sound and video are perfectly synched.
    The lag between sound and video got less when I upgraded the firmware from to but it's still noticeable (I'd say the lag is about 1 second now).
    It appears the TV does lack in power for processing the video + audiostream, although the firmware upgrade does nothing for the CPU but decreased the problem.
    I've connected TV and BlueRay/Soundsystem using HDMI 1.4 cables, and both are connected by wire to the network on a 1Gbps switch. Also, there is a Cisco PVR from UPC present, also connected on HDMI 1.4 cable.
    Does anyone have ideas for me?
    I love the set, but not in this state...
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