This is my first post on the forum! I just bought BDP5500 to watch different movies/discs in 3d,I made connections to Philips 3d lcdTV and installed philips active 3D glasses, I also uppdated BDP online directly with instalation.
Also I noticed thet I cant convert in LIVE dvd`s from 2D to 3D as advertised for new philips bdp`s as a ex. 7700 and mine 5500. Now I wondering if it is some matter of future update on my player or something another???
Second I noticed that I can`t play 3D bluray made of Sony title The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film ASIN: B0046MOVCQ Region: All Regions
720p resolution. Also I tryed anything changed manually BDP to 720p but only two things which happen is :
1.on screen you can read "For 3D expirience you need 3D enabled bluray player and 3D enabled TV" Everything Philips hardware is 3D enabled and working.
2. I can press OK button on my remote and I see big PLAY SIGN in middle of TV but nothing more. BDP dont continue in play mode. No strange sounds from bdp and I can go back to main many.

Please help me here and give some advice if you kind.

Thank you in advance!