Hello every body.

I have connected my TV (32PFL7606) to my PC (Windows XP SP3) via ethernet link.

When I select "Browse PC" on the TV, I see every directories of my PC. All the directories I browse contain *.jpg files.

For some of these directories, I get the message :

- no readable files in this directory,

For the directories where I can see the content (i.e. the *.jpg files), I get the message :

- unable to read or to detect the file.

As a result, I can't see any image.

NOTE : for the ethernet link, I use a switch. This switch is connected to my PC, to the TV and to an internet box. The internet box have been added as an apparatus to the TV.

When, on the TV, I select the internet box, I can see all the directories of my PC and via this box, i can see the images that are in the directories !

So this operation shows that the link is correct. Why I can't see the images directly from the "Browse PC" option of the TV.

Thank's for your help.