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    BDP3280/12 to 32PDL7906T/12 3D incompatibility!

    Just connected the BDP3280/12 BluRay player to PDL7906T/12 TV and tried to play 2 different 3D movies (Captain America and Green Lantern). The movie 3D image was acceptable, but the subtitles weren't 3D at all and both eyes texts were seen by both eyes ie. subtitles were doubled side by side. There were nothing in the TV or player menus to fix the problem. I have a 4 different Philips BluRays and the BDP7600/12 played both movies ok with subtitles so the problem is in BDP3280 firmware which doesn't handle subtitles correctly in 3D with PDL7906T/12 passive 3D.

    The 3D image itself in BDP3280 seems not to be as stabil as in BDP7600 if one changes between 3D and 2D in TV. The depth and L/R horizontal distance between left and right image differs between switching back and forth 3D - 2D - 3D.

    Hope these would be fixed in the next firmware.
    By the way I have also 58PFL9956T/12 which is a wonderful TV!!
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