After updating the HTS7202/12 to the latest software (1.47.10) , I have problems using it with the android version of the MyRemote app.

As I have mentioned in another thread, with the previous software version, the HTS702 was found and recognized by the MyRemote app and I could control the HTS using the phone. The issue at the time was that the SimpleShare part of the MyRemote software did not allow the HTS as playback device.

With the new software, things have changed. Now, 9 out of 10 times the HTS no longer shows up in the control part of MyRemote. Strangely enough, even when it does not show up in the control part, it now does usually show up as play-back device in the SimpleShare part.

If I select a file from my network drive using the SimpleShare function of MyRemote and tell it to play on the HTS, it shows on the phone that it is playing and the HTS switches to play mode (stops transmitting the TV sound). Unfortunately, almost all the times, after that the HTS does not actually start playing but just locks-up. The only way to get it to respond again is to turn it completely off and on again.

At the meantime, all the functions of MyRemote still work fine when I use if for controlling the TV (50PFL7956H/12).

So in summary, the new software:
• Made the control of the HTS with MyRemote practically useless
• Enabled some parts of SimpleShare, but using this almost always crashes the HTS.

Does anyone else experience the same problems? Can this be fixed somehow?