I bought the Phillips Essence TV for £1516 in July 2009 - within a short time the screen had no picture and had to be replaced - this was done under warranty and now , this week ie 29th June 2012 the tv is showing signs that the tv is on the way out - I have contacted the Phillips help line and they advised updating the software which made no difference to the picture quality which is abysmal ( skin tones are red/ ochre and horizontal lines across the screen).

Bearing in mind that I bought the Tv from new , spent £1516 to buy it in good faith - I can now see that it looks like it needs another repair and /or replacement screen.

Does anyone know if there is a design fault with this Tv because 3 years is a short time to be looking at two replacement screens - has anyone had similar problems?

As i see it at the moment , I would have expected a minimum of 5 years before any issues but the Essence I bought is one unlucky and v expensive tv and I am not impressed by the durability of the product.