Bought a BDP7700 a month ago : Objectives based on spec: Play media files using DNLA; Use Skype; Play Blue Ray disks.
Very siappointed that the Skype functions was missing (both firmware and docs did not provide any hints). Managed to find and download firmware 3.17 using info on Now have a Skype menu on the start-up screen, (don't believe this version is very stable yet, thought better than the previous one) however Skype camera support is limited to only the most expensive camera in the Freetalk shop The camera is 125 Euro (for a 720p camera) compared to an entry price of 155 Euro for the player now. I do own a good camera Microsoft H5D-00001 wide angle F2.0 HD 720P 30FPS Autofocus, which I was planning to use.
When will you be supporting other camera's that are more price aligned to the player?