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    SA4RGA/12 - Firmware 1.17 - issues with resuming playlists, strange chars (repost)


    I am reposting this as the previous topic was closed for reasons unclear to me. The support technician indicated that they would consult with the tech team regarding this issue but I saw no further replies. The topic should not have been closed as I was still awaiting feedback.

    link to original thread:

    ---- original post


    I have a GoGear RAGA 2GB SA4RGA/12, and have updated to what seems to be the latest firmware available - 1.17 - but I still have issues with playlists, particularly resuming a playlist after restart.

    Two issues

    #1 - Resuming a playlist after restart does not really work. It opens to the last song that was playing at shutdown, but then starts playing songs that weren't on the playlist. The playlist was created via Songbird.

    #2 - the occasional strange character appears in the song list in the playlist - please see attached picture.

    To add further - I've noticed that after the upgrade to 1.17, playlists are actually working less well than in previous versions.

    Now in 1.17, after three or four songs on a playlist, the player will tell me 'No files found' and stop.

    The playlist has 100+ songs, was created in Songbird, and I have set the player to play in random order, should it matter.

    Please let me know if more information is needed. This is quite frustrating and basically means that playlists are unusable currently, as they stop after three or four songs.

    ---- original response from support staff

    Your device is expressing a behavior that I am not accustomed to so I have forwarded your issue to the tech team and I am awaiting a response from them. As soon as I have an answer and/or explanation I will share the news with you!

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    I have reopened the initial post, it was closed due to a mistake. As there are two issues with the same problem I will close this.
    The issue is still being looked into.
    Thank you for your patience.
    Kind regards,
    Philips - Katerina

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