I tried updating the firmware thru latest ver. of Philips Songbird 1.11.1 as the previous ver. 1.9.6 doesn't support update firmware feature. Every time I click on "Check for firmware update" it shows error "There was a problem connecting to network, please check your internet." Though my internet is very much active and I am also able to browse through support pages within songbird, media server is ON, Am using system proxy to access internet on songbird.
(Everything works on Philips Songbird perfectly, except for the firmware update service.
Even the "Repair my device" also shows the server connection failure error. My internet is working good.

Please help me updating the firmware...I have bought this player yesterday and its so damn slow and lagging that I am already regretting buying it. Please don't disappoint me Philips!

Philips GoGear Raga SA4RGA04BF/97 Blue, firmware ver. 1.06.