Hi all,

Since 13th of June there is a new software available for the 1.47.10 (MCU 5.05).

I myself installed the software just before moving into my new home and I have an issue with the Radio tuner. The tuner can only find 3 FM channels while there should be more. Also my favourite radio station 3FM (96.8 MhZ) is not available. I checked 3 different antenna's but still no improvement. I also have cable radio, tried to do a search with the cable plugged into the HTS, but the HTS did not find any channels.

I'l like to know if any of the people who updated to 1.47.10 that experience the same. Your feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

PS. Rear speaker issue with wireless module is not solved with this software release, Philips says a fix will be available on a short notice.